A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was inspired by Pok-a-tok Mayan ball game. 

- You move with the keyboard (W,A,S,D)

- Speed up your character movement by pressing left shift

- You can press the left mouse button to add more force to the ball

- Once the ball triggers through the hole 5 times on either side it will switch to the screen of whoever won (Left side is the hoop for the player and Right side is the hoop for the Rival AI)

- Press R to restart the game

- press ESC to close the game

- Whatever happened to the person who lost we don't know

Art by Alejandra Osuna and Developed by Alexis Lopez


Pok A Tok Build.zip 20 MB
Pok A Tok Mac Build.zip 22 MB
Pok A Tok Linux Build.zip 25 MB

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